Driver CPC

The European Union (EU) published a Directive in July 2003 that requires all category C and D licence holders to take part in 35 hours retraining every five years, in order to keep their entitlement to drive professionally. The Directive also gives details of a new initial qualification regime that new drivers must go through before they can drive professionally for the first time.

The Directive will come into force across all EU member states in 2008 for bus drivers, and 2009 for lorry drivers. These new training requirements have a major impact on the bus and lorry training industries, but it will also impact any company employing lorry or bus drivers. They will need to ensure their drivers have kept their training up to date, and records of this are held. Self-employed drivers are also affected, as they will be unable to renew their driving licence unless they have evidence that their training is up to date.