NVQ in Carry & Deliver Goods (CDG)

Who is it for?

This NVQ enables employees involved in the collection, transportation and delivery of goods to demonstrate their skills and knowledge against the standard expected of and in the logistics and haulage industry.

It ensures that employees are able to observe health, safety and security guidelines and enables candidates to broaden their knowledge of related haulage topics as well as helping to prepare them for the new Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

What does it cover?

The NVQ is made up of a series of mandatory and optional units to allow a flexible and tailored approach to be taken with each candidate.
Key areas can include:
  • Effectively completing pre and post journey procedures
  • Handling goods and materials
  • Contributing to the provision of customer service
  • Maintaining the safety and security of loads, self and property
  • Planning the route and timing for the delivery and collection of loads
  • Dealing with payment transactions
  • Lifting, transferring and positioning loads.


  • Level 2
  • For employees whose job it is to collect, carry and deliver goods by light vehicle, van, motor cycle or bicycle.

Benefits to employees

  • A clear understanding of responsibilities
  • Increased knowledge of role, company and products
  • A safe and healthy operating environment
  • Recognition of existing skills
  • Increased value within the workplace

Benefits to employers

  • Improved productivity, efficiency and profitability
  • Employees work effectively with minimal supervision
  • Increased flexibility and decreased absences
  • Reduction in errors and mistakes
  • Compliance with regulations and legislation
  • Improved loyalty and retention
  • Increased profitability through improved competency
  • Long term tangible cost savings
  • All training programmes are designed to take into consideration the specific individuals requirements of your business and as such the programme is tailored to meet your needs.